Snow Speed LT

The Snow Speed LT pattern is a winter tyre suitable for vans and caravans.


  • High performing winter tyres that meet the demands of modern vans/caravans.
  • Outstanding grip on snow and ice due to the innovative rubber compound and pattern construction.
  • Low noise and accurate for driving, with good grip on wet roads.
  • superb traction and braking characteristics in wet, snowy and icy conditions.
  • Superior dispersal of water and snow.
  • The extra heavy duty shoulder construction produces excellent handling, even when the tyres are used for heavier loads.
Snow Speed LT

Available sizes

185/80 R 14C 102R
195/75 R 16C 107R
205/75 R 16C 110R
215/75 R 16C 113R
165/70 R 14C 89R
195/70 R 15C 104R
215/70 R 15C 109R
195/65 R 16C 104T
205/65 R 15C 102T
205/65 R 16C 107T
215/65 R 16C 109T
195/60 R 16C 99T

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