H-Speed 2

The H-Speed 2 pattern is a summer tyre suitable for passenger cars.



  • A special silica compound produces good grip on wet roads and low rolling resistance which results in fuel efficiency.
  • A wide steel belt and seamless nylon liner provide comfort, safety and stability at high speeds.
  • The grooving in the tread area reduces aquaplaning.
  • The increased rigidity of the tyre improves turning, stability and resists lateral forces at high speeds.
H-Speed 2

Available sizes

195/70 R 14 91H
175/65 R 14 82H
185/65 R 14 86H
185/65 R 15 88H
195/65 R 15 91H
205/65 R 15 95H
215/65 R 15 96H
165/60 R 14 75H
175/60 R 13 77H
185/60 R 14 82H
185/60 R 15 84H
195/60 R 15 88H

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