Novex… the best alternative!

With this slogan we want to express what our tyre brand stands for: good quality at attractive prices, with an extremely extensive range. Novex offers the right pattern for every season. A tyre brand that can be used as a private label by our clients and with which it is possible to offer the best alternative to the end consumers.

  • High quality
  • Attractive price
  • Full range
  • Satisfied customers

What do users think of Novex tyres?

The good thing about Novex is that they offer tyres for the different seasons. Novex has summer, winter and all season tyres. The wide range also includes light truck tyres, caravan tyres and tyres for high performance cars. It makes the range very complete.

Ron van Empel - Novex dealer / / Tiel

Our customers are very satisfied with Novex. They even ask especially for Novex tyres.

Banden en Wielen Grave - Novex dealer / / Grave

Novex has a good price/quality ratio, and a broad range. Our customers are more than satisfied!

Banden en Autoservice Assen in Assen - Novex dealer / / Tiel

You do fabulous promotions with Novex! Personally I drive on Novex tyres too, which I bought at Veam in Drachten. The tyres drive perfectly!

A.P. Wiersema - Novex dealer / / Drachten

Our wide range of tyres

Novex the best alternative! Novex is a private brand of the Van den Ban Group. If you are interested in taking on the Novex brand into your product range, please contact us at:

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