Novex… the best alternative!

With this slogan we want to express what our tyre brand stands for: good quality at attractive prices, with an extremely extensive range. Novex offers the right pattern for every season. A tyre brand that can be used as a private label by our clients and with which it is possible to offer the best alternative to the end consumers.

  • High quality
  • Attractive price
  • Full range
  • Satisfied customers

What do users think of Novex tyres?

The good thing about Novex is that they offer tyres for the different seasons. Novex has summer, winter and all-season tyres. The wide range also includes light truck tyres, caravan tyres and tyres for high performance cars. It makes the range very complete.

Ron van Empel - Novex dealer / / Tiel

Our customers are very satisfied with Novex. They even ask specially for Novex tyres.

Banden en Wielen Grave - Novex dealer / / Grave

Novex has a good price/quality ratio, and a broad range. Our customers are more than satisfied!

Banden en Autoservice Assen in Assen - Novex dealer / / Tiel

You do fabulous promotions with Novex! Personally I drive on Novex tyres too, which I bought at Veam in Drachten. The tyres drive perfectly!

A.P. Wiersema - Novex dealer / / Drachten

03 Juli 2014
The Nissan 350Z Tim Coronel has new summer tyres, Novex tyres SuperSpeed ​​A2, special printed version!
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Novex the best alternative! Novex is a private brand of the Van den Ban Group. If you are interested in taking on the Novex brand into your product range, please contact us at:


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